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What you can expect

Foundry Mortgage Capital is an award-winning boutique commercial mortgage brokerage. We solve complex real estate financing issues by developing custom commercial mortgage capital solutions. Based in Toronto, we facilitate commercial real estate transactions across Canada by making connections between our private and institutional lenders and our borrowers. Together, we deliver the correct funding structure available in the market—so that you can focus on your core business.



Bring integrity into every interaction along the commercial real estate deal journey.



  • LEARN – navigate complex rules of real estate finance.
  • CONNECT – nurture relationships and network.
  • THINK – match the right capital with the right real estate opportunity.
  • EDUCATE – simplify the process by providing creative recommendations.


1. Always give honest advice over popular advice.
2. Be educated on the market in order to present all applicable options.
3. Credible – do what we say we will do. Take ownership.


Deals funded (since 2014)


$ million in funds advanced (since 2014)


Provinces where deals funded (since 2014)

Knowledge and Experience

What We Do

Term Debt

Do you have a cash-flowing asset? From pension funds to life insurance companies, banks, credit unions and CMBS providers, Foundry Mortgage Capital has relationships with hundreds of term debt providers. We can provide you with commercial mortgage capital at the best rates, longest amortization periods, and lowest break fees, depending on your unique needs.

Bridge Loans

Are you in pre-construction? Whether you are going through a re-zoning or you’ve just completed construction and you’re stabilizing cash flow, Foundry Mortgage Capital has access to the right bridge loan provider for your commercial mortgage capital. Whether it’s two weeks or two years, Foundry can help provide the capital to keep your project moving forward.

Construction Loans

From $2 million to $200 million, Foundry Mortgage Capital has access to the right lending partner for your project—whether it be a 400-unit condo project, a shopping centre, a retirement home, or a hotel, Foundry works to tailor the capital stack that best meets your needs. We will syndicate loans with the banks or negotiate inter-lender agreements between senior and junior debt.

CMHC Financing

We are a direct CMHC correspondent meaning Foundry Mortgage Capital submits insurance requests directly to CMHC and obtains the insurance certificate on the borrowers behalf. Because we control the insurance certificate, we are able to negotiate the lowest interest rate for our clients.

Mezzanine Financing

Foundry Mortgage Capital has forged strong relationships with mezzanine financing providers, including several sources on an exclusive basis. With our mezzanine partners we have been able to fund up to 94% of hard and soft costs on condominium construction projects, and 100% of costs on rental projects.

Owner-Occupied Industrial/Office

Are you considering purchasing your own industrial or office building for your company? Foundry Mortgage Capital is able to obtain up to 120% Loan-To-Value term loans for your building. Why pay rent when you can build equity in an asset…?

Multi-Family Residential

Whether you are looking for CMHC financing or a more flexible conventional loan, Foundry Mortgage Capital will listen to your needs and work with our lending partners to develop the best solution.

Retirement Homes

The principals at Foundry Mortgage Capital have a long history of financing both construction and term debt for retirement homes in Canada. We intimately understand the unique challenges of getting retirement homes financed, and we’re able to quickly assess the best way for you to obtain commercial mortgage capital.

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